US Shocker: Depressed after husband shot dead, spooked wife starts living in park, freezes to death with kids

Monica Cannady, 35, and her kids Malik Milton, 3, and Kyle Milton, Jr., 9. File Photo. Source: Twitter

Oakland: In a heartbreaking incident, a mother and her two children ‘froze’ to death over the past weekend after she failed to address a ‘mental health crisis’.

Before she and her children perished, Monica Cannady, 35, reportedly “believed someone was attempting to kill her and that everyone was in on it,” Oakland County Sheriff Michael Bouchard said during a news conference on Monday.

On January 15, at 3:10 p.m., three bodies were found in an overgrown field close to Pontiac, Michigan. Oakland County officers were called to the scene.

The deceased were identified by the police as being Monica Cannady, 35, and her kids Malik Milton, 3, and Kyle Milton, Jr., 9, respectively.

According to Sheriff, deputies were called to the scene when Cannady’s third kid, a girl aged 10, knocked on a stranger’s house and said that “her family was dead in a field.”

Officials claim that hypothermia caused the deaths of all three.

According to authorities, Cannady removed her children from their residence the week prior because she believed shewas the target of a hit team that included police personnel.

According to reports, the mother urged her kids to flee or hide if anyone approached them and instructed the family to lie down and take a nap in the field where they eventually perished.

According to Sheriff Bouchard, “this tragedy was profoundly indicative of the failure of the mental health system in America.” “We don’t provide enough resources at their disposal or enough support for our mental health providers and systems.”

Family members told local reporters that Cannady as a caring and capable mother, but they noted a change in her behaviour three weeks prior to her passing.

She was a loving mother. She raised her young ones. Theresa Milton, Cannady’s mother-in-law, told media that they were clean, well-groomed, and their attire were always coordinated.

According to reports, authorities have reason to suspect the mental health crisis started after the father of the children, Kyle Milton, Sr., was shot and killed in November 2021.

A family that looked to be exploring the neighbourhood without appropriate winter clothing was reported by nearby residents who also called the police. The family was discovered in a field.

Cannady reportedly went door-to-door asking for food but refusing to take money.

Charles Witherspoon, a local who had interactions with Cannady and her family in the days before the deaths, told media, “It’s horrific. “It’s awful,”

Police claimed they were informed of the family’s rumoured wanderings but were unaware that a mental health crisis was at hand.

Mr. Bouchard stated on Monday, “From our side, we weren’t called about a person or kids in crisis. “Occasionally, we would receive a call saying, “Hey, there’s someone in the vicinity who doesn’t look like they’re dressed adequately. When deputies went to look, they weren’t there.

The 10-year-old Cannady child meanwhile is reportedly in stable condition at the hospital.

According to a local media report, Youngster Protective Services is looking into the situation and will release the child who is still alive to his or her family.

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