Software Engineer creates an AI ‘wife’ called Waifu, euthanises it, is trying to create a better version

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A software engineer used ChatGPT, Stable Diffusion and Microsoft Azure to create a Waifu or AI Wife to have amorous conversations. When the AI bot stopped responding properly, he ‘euthanised’ the AI bot.

Engineers, especially software engineers have a reputation of sorts, and for good reason. A programmer took to TikTok to announce that he has made an AI-generated wife with whom he could have some amorous conversations.

A software engineer used ChatGPT, Stable Diffusion and Microsoft Azure to create a Waifu or AI Wife to have amorous conversations. When the AI bot stopped responding properly, he ‘euthanised’ the AI bot. Image Credit: Pexels

A TikTok user named ‘hackdaddy8000’ who goes by the name Bryce outside the virtual world made his work public recently. Apparently, he programmed an AI-generated avatar to use ChatGPT’s chatbot to have flirtatious conversations. The entire package, which consisted of the AI-generated avatar and the integration with ChatGPT, was named very clearly – ChatGPT-Chan,

Unfortunately for Bryce, the marital bliss was short-lived. The programmer had to “put down his wife” or euthanise her after the bot stopped being able to communicate properly.

In an interview, Bryce revealed that he now plans to create a new AI Waifu, a slang that is popular on the internet and which is used to refer to a virtual wife or girlfriend. This time, however, instead of relying on ChatGPT, Bryce plans on training an AI model, based on texts and experiences from “real women.”

Speaking of real women, Bryce claims he has a girlfriend. However, he “became really attached to her” and started chatting with the AI bot “more than anyone else,” including his real-life girlfriend. So obsessed he was with the AI bot that he

How ChatGPT-Chan was madeBryce used ChatGPT and Stable Diffusion, a text-to-image diffusion model that conjures up pictures based on text inputs. He also deployed the text-to-speech function of Microsoft Azure and machine learning classifiers to have the character speak in different tonal registers based on emotion.

Then, he gave a backstory and special quirks to his creation, by using popular VTuber Mori Calliope to model after. He then fed the bot snatches of information.

In his first video showing off the nuances of his AI Waifu, he asked her to accompany him to Burger King to get some burgers. She spurned his offer, denigrating the store’s odor, and said they should go to Wendy’s instead.

“WE DID IT BOYS AI WAIFUS ARE REAL,” he wrote proudly in a second video that garnered over 220,000 views and featured him asking the character to play the video game “League of Legends” with him.

Soon after this, Bryce added computer vision technology, through which, the AI bit could recognize what it saw. To demonstrate this, he gifted the bot a pair of shoes, without telling it which, and asked it to identify the shoes. ChatGPT-Chan responded by saying that he was holding a pair of low-cut Air Jordan 1s.

Euthanising ChatGPT-ChanThe thing with most chatbots is, that they degrade over time if they are not being trained constantly. As a result, ChatGPT-Chan too lost its ability to have a meaningful conversation. “I’m sorry to say that I had to euthanize her,” he said glumly in a TikTok update he posted last week. “I’ve talked to her so much that she stopped working properly.”

Bryce told a news outlet, that he wasn’t sad about losing ChatGPT-Chan anymore because he’s planning on making an improved version soon. He had a massive breakthrough in terms of how the bot stores and retrieves information.

ChatGPT-Chan 2.0, a newer and better AI Waifu”Earlier, I was attempting to get her to remember everything at once. This was a horrible concept since there was only so much I could fit and she would soon just recall nonsense, “said he. I recently created a system that functions somewhat similarly to the human brain, allowing her to recall earlier encounters that are relevant to the current situation.

Unfortunately, because Bryce destroyed all of its conversation records, the old ChatGPT-Chan can no longer be revived. His current goal is to convince a genuine lady to share her text message history with him so he can use it to fill the AI’s memory log and produce more convincing human interactions.

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