Viral: Stock market-themed wedding invite from Maharashtra leaves internet in splits

Marriage invitation card of a doctor who seems to be a fan of stock market. Instagram/@thestockmarketindia

While the wedding season has gripped the entire country, people from all sections of society are already indulging in the celebrations as their close ones tie the knot.

With that said, while weddings are all glittery and full of vivacity, when it comes to wedding preparations, people nowadays have become creative. Starting from pre-wedding ceremonies to organising theme-based events and also creating quirky invitation cards, Indian families do it all.

One such unique wedding invite has already started making rounds on the internet. The viral invite is unique and will definitely catch the attention of those aware of the stock market and trading.

The wedding card of a couple from Maharashtra’s Nanded region is basically an invite that has been created with the use of share market-related jargon. However, both the bride and the groom are medical professionals in real life.

Confused? Let’s break it up for you.

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As you see in the image shared by an Instagram page called ‘Stock Market India’, the invite begins with a title that reads ‘IPO’ translating to ‘Invitation of Precious Occasion’. Furthermore, the details about the bride, groom, friends, family, wedding dates and other factors are also given a stock market twist.

While the groom and bride are named ‘Dr Sandesh Medicine Ltd’ and ‘Dr Divya Anaesthesia Ltd’, invitees are referred to as ‘investors’, family and friends as ‘promoters’, non-locals as ‘FII’ (foreign institutional investors), the marriage itself have been referred to as a ‘merger’.

The invite thereafter reads, “Given the synergies of the merger, the merged entities shall be listed in compliance with the regulatory norms (Hindu tradition). Retail investors (friends and family) are invited to attend the listing ceremony and invest their blessing in the merged entities.”

Since it was shared on social media, the wedding card has gone and left a large section of users amused. Many took to the comment section and left hilarious reactions. One wrote, “good one. Next level stock market craze”, while another user commented, “Allowed only for demat account holder” with laughing emojis. “This is the most interesting wedding card I have ever seen”, a third user wrote.

What are your thoughts about this unique invite?

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