New Zealand man shocked to find cockroach living in his ear for 3 days, shares ordeal online

The man identified as Zane Wedding thought his left ear was clogged after he had gone for a swim recently

A man from New Zealand was shocked to know that doctors found a cockroach living inside his ear. The man identified as Zane Wedding thought his left ear was clogged after he had gone for a swim recently. After coming back, the 40-year-old man fell asleep on his couch and woke up with a blocked ear.

Days later, the man from Auckland made his ordeal public and also advised social media users to always consult a doctor, if they ever encounter such a feeling or situation. Wedding even posted an image of the insect on his Facebook page.

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“Went for a second opinion today at a different doctor and had a cockroach removed from my ear. Three days with a roach in my ear,” the post on Facebook read. Further, while speaking to the New Zealand Herald, Wedding stated that the pain made him physically ill. He added that when the cockroach was taken out, he felt his eardrum opening.

Meanwhile, the lady doctor who extracted the cockroach from his ears asserted that she has never seen such a case taking place before but did read about it long back.

Sharing his experience, Wedding said that initially, he thought his ear was blocked with water and that was partially true. But soon, his assumption gave way to scary thoughts after he found something moving inside his ear despite him sitting or standing still. Only then, he decided to visit a doctor and come to a conclusion.

On 8 January, Wedding was given antibiotics and told to dry out his ear with a hairdryer. Following this, the problem persisted. Later, it was claimed that there was an insect inside his ear. On hearing this from a local doctor, Wedding literally jumped out of his chair. Even the doctor herself was in disbelief to know about the same.

As per reports, for three days, the cockroach was inside his ear and during that time, Wedding had lost his hearing. Currently, Wedding feels better than before after consulting the expert.

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