84-year-old ex-pilot with Parkinson’s flies plane for last time; watch viral video here

Myrta Gage’s son said she had been struggling with daily tasks following which the family decided to help her write down a bucket list, which included flying a plane one last time

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An 84-year-old former pilot, who is currently diagnosed with Parkinson’s disease, has curated a bucket list that she wants to accomplish before breathing her last. The ex-pilot has been identified as Myrta Gage, who decided that the one thing she absolutely loved was to fly a plane as she was a pilot in her youth.

Knowing about Gage’s bucket list, her son Earl fulfilled her wish to fly a plane. Currently, the video of Gage flying a plane for the last time is going viral on social media. In a recent interview with Fox News, Earl opened up saying that his mother had been struggling with daily tasks following which the family decided to help her write down a bucket list.

The list consisted of many things, but one thing that grabbed the family’s attention was to fly an airplane. Soon, Earl contacted a pilot named Cody Mattiello, who approved to take the mother-son duo over Mount Kearsarge and Lake Winnipesaukee. As per the publication, Mattiello then handed over the plane’s control to Gage expressing that he was “happy to help” a fellow aviator.

Watch the video here:

“I was asked a few days ago to help fulfill this amazing lady’s final wish’s (sic) to fly a plane again. She was a pilot in her youth and having Parkinson’s disease and being in her 90’s insurance requirements would not allow her to use a flight school,” Mattiello’s Facebook page reads. Further in his post, he spoke about how Earl contacted him and they were happy to take up the task.

Mattiello also shared several videos and pictures of the 84-year-old former pilot which are currently making headlines on social media.

For the unversed, Parkinson’s is a brain disorder that leads to difficulty in walking, coordination, and balance of the body. So far, there has been no cure for it.

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