Zomato was charged Rs.55,000 for delivering the wrong meal

Zomato was charged Rs 55,000 fine by consumer court and a hotel for giving non-vegetarian meals to a lawyer who had ordered a vegetarian dish.

The consumer court charged Zomato to pay the fine in 45 days to city-based advocate Shanmukh Deshmukh who was given non-veg meal twice.

Deshmukh had ordered paneer butter masala but he was given butter chicken.

The reports said, “Since the curries of both dishes look alike, he didn’t realise it was a chicken dish and ate it.”

The lawyer charged case against the Zomato and they had refunded his amount.

Zomato said the consumer hears that the fault extended with the hotel which provided the wrong food, but the forum held it to be both guilty.

The hotel owner accepted its mistake.

Zomato and the hotel were charged to pay Rs 50,000 and 5,000 for mental harassment.

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