Zilingo’s former CEO Ankiti Bose files $100 million ‘defamation’ suit against Mahesh Murti over magazine article

Ankiti Bose. File Photo. News 18

New Delhi: Co-founder and Former CEO of Singapore based fashion technology firm ‘Zilingo’ has reportedly filed a defamation lawsuit against Mahesh Murthy, the marketer and founder of Pinstorm, demanding $100 million (820 crore) in damages for what she claims were defamatory comments he made about her in a piece he published.

Ankiti Bose was reportedly put on administrative leave in March 2022 while investigations into the company’s financial problems were ongoing.

Bose asserted in the lawsuit filed April 20 in the Bombay High Court that she was being tried to be fired from the company after Zilingo went out of business in January allegations of financial irregularities.

Around the same time, Mahesh Murthy wrote an article for Outlook Business Magazine titled ‘From Vulture Capital to Victim Capital: Mahesh Murthy’s Take on VCs in India’.

Murthy allegedly made false and defamatory claims against her in his piece that was posted across social media platforms.

Bose claimed that Murthy and Outlook had both harmed her name, reputation, and standing in the public. She has therefore requested 820 crore in damages.

Additionally, a permanent injunction prohibiting Murthy from writing or publishing anything disparaging about Bose is requested in the lawsuit. An order to erase any negative writing, tweets, or articles that have been placed about her online is also requested.

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