“Yuvraj of Congress must know that the world follows the youth”, Amit Shah Slams Congress

The police of Karnataka had arrested people who raised pro-Modi slogans during Congress president Rahul addressing entrepreneurs, on Monday. The Bharatiya Janata Party (BJP) of Karnataka on Monday tweeted a video of the episode and alleged that democracy was in crisis in the state. Amit Shah has slammed the Congress party for arresting the youth raising pro-Modi slogans at an event in Karnataka.

The BJP party tweeted that, “Police arrest few techies for raising pro-Modi slogans at Manyata tech park in Bengaluru. This is the real face of democracy in a Cong-JDS ruled state. It is a total dictatorship where freedom of choice and expression of citizens is suppressed.”Amit Shah, BJP’s Chief responding to this tweet of the Karnataka BJP questioned why peaceful youth were arrested in Karnataka.

Amit Shah, “Hugs for Tukde Tukde gang and arrest of peaceful youth raising pro-Modi slogans? Where are the champions of Free Speech?”Yuvraj of Congress must know that the world follows the youth. Stop intimidating the youth of India, which has rejected your brand of politics,” Amit Shah added.

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