Why Is Turkey Interested In Pro-Islamic Activities In India?

Turkey’s obsession with power is taking its place. With the whole sole purpose to project its image as a pro- Muslim nation, it has now started to fund Pro-Islamic radical groups in India. Confirmed reports have stated that Turkey’s growing relationship with Pakistan is another indicator of its aim to show solidarity towards Muslim nations.

Further, it has been confirmed that Turkey is indeed funding the pro-Islamic radicalism factions in Kashmir and even Kerala in an attempt to support Pakistan’s political motives set towards India.

Pakistan has tried to win the favor of Turkey for more than a decade.  The sole aim is to have Ankara on its side to ensure it has power to its disposal. Turkey, on the other hand, has seen an opportunity to threaten the power status quo amongst the rich Middle Eastern nations.

Sadly, Turkey is now being looked at as the new training ground for pro- Islamic radicals that have been working through sleeper cells in India for years.

Turkey is also sending off a strong message in the world as a newly emerging power as a Muslim country, wishing to threaten the peaceful established Muslim nations of the Middle East.

The recent move to convert an existing cathedral to a mosque is a huge indicator of its changing preferences. The historic Hagai Sophia cathedral was converted to a mosque, much to the displeasure of Christian patrons in Greece, the US, and other Christian church leaders across the world. Erdogan issued a decree restoring the iconic sixth-century building as a mosque. This was done promptly as the Turkish high court ruled that the Hagia Sophia had been illegally made into a museum more than eight decades ago.  

Showing its solidarity for the Muslim community, it is using radicalism as a popular tool to win brownie points with radicalized pro-Islamic organizations world over.  India is one of its new findings.  In Erdogan’s long term strategy to look like the global protector of the Muslim community, it has also roped in Iran and Qatar; again nations that have not shared good relations with any of the more economically powerful Middle East nations.

Something in tune with what Qatar has been accused of doing for years, Turkey has been following suit in India. The Erdogan government is known to have funded religious seminars in India, recruiting fundamentalists to radicalize youngsters and even take freshly-minted radicals on all-expense trips to Turkey to reinforce their radical pro-Islamic learning.

Confirmed reports through Indian intelligence states that the Turkish government, in fact, had been funding Kashmir’s hardline separatist leader such as Syed Ali Shah Geelani for years. But its operation of scales is expanding; something which needs to be kept a watch on.

Undeniably, Turkey is joining hands with the anti-Kingdom group, most of which are known to have been dropped out of favor due to their illicit role in spreading and funding terrorism across the world. This includes nations like Qatar, Iran, and Pakistan.

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