Who is Neasamani? Why Twitter prays for his health?

Memes on Tamil Film Character Neasamani’s onscreen injury goes viral, Netizens & Twitter Prays for his well-being

#Pray_for_Neasamani grew to become the number 1 trends on Twitter after netizens and tweeple began praying for the onscreen personal injury of Tamil actor Vadivelu in real time.

Southern film actor Vadivelu is one among the most popular faces used in Tamil memes.

On Wednesday, a meme showcasing the actor from his 2001 romantic comedy Friends have gone viral on Twitter. In the film, the actor performed the role of a construction contractor named Neasamani, who happens to be bang by a hammer over his head in a scene.

One Twitter user made use of that incident from the film as a reference point to explain a particular type of hammer on Twitter, and in no-time many assumed that Nesamani was an individual who was injured in real life. #Pray_for_Neasamani was born at the point and rapidly became the number 1 trends on Twitter.

Clips from ‘Friends’, directed by Siddique, will be often used for memes on social media sites, indicating messages about current affairs and also social issues in order to interact with the social media users. Regardless, they were taken to a completely new level exactly where Twitter and Facebook users overstated the movie scene as a real life incident, pretending that Contractor Neasamani was a real life personality.

Screenshot from the scene

Soon, most of internet came up together to bother about the well-being of this fictional character. Updates about his health and wellness were actively shared.

South Meme creators as well as Netizens just have taken the trends and posts to whole higher level , where the hashtag as trending at first from wednesday evening that intended Twitter Moments India to officially publicize and consist this into one of the kind in ‘Moments’.

Icing on the cake , Harbajan Singh ,who is been getting loved by the southern region for his tamil tweets have shared a picture with tamil statement which was considered by the Netizens as ‘out-of-the-box’ tweet.

The tweet implies, “My Dear Friend Nesamani loves my yellow turban so much. If he would have wearing that today!! Rise again Nesa!!. #Pray_For_Nesamani”

Regarding this Twitter trends,the actor was contacted and enquired how he sees this kind of celebration for a character performed by him before years. The actor said ,”the love and affection received by the characters like Nesamani are the gifts God has blessed me with!”

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