Watch: Women dance on melting ice block to deliver climate change message

The ice chunk, weighing over two tonnes, was made to represent the melting of icebergs due to global warming and three women artists danced, in turns, over the ice chunk while it remained suspended from the harness

Thaw performed by Legs on the Wall at the Sydney Festival. Twitter/@sydney_festival

Artists from a physical theatre company chose an innovative way to highlight the impact of climate change on the world. During the ongoing Sydney Festival 2022, the artists from the Legs On The Wall have performed an aerial dance on a large chunk of ice that was hung over the Sydney Harbour.

The ice chunk weighed over 2 tonnes was made to represent the melting of icebergs due to global warming. Three women artists danced – in turns – over the ice chunk while it was being suspended from the harness.

Thaw, a theatrical dance performed on a melting ice block, depicted the impending climate catastrophe and worry that now exist in the world.

Joshua Thomson, the artistic director of Legs On The Wall, told reporters that art is an amazing way to engage people with real issues.

The dance performance was held from 14 to 16 February and the artists were held for 10 hours every day. The performance was also live-streamed on the official website of Sydney festival.

Watch the performance here:

The captivating performance by the artists has touched people across the globe and their dance has gone viral on social media. Most of the people hailed the performance and the message behind it, whereas some people have criticised it as an empty gesture.

A Twitter user hailed the efforts of the artists and their innovative way to highlight the issue of climate change.

‘Fabulous work,’ wrote a Twitter user while sharing an image of the dance performance.

However, a Twitter user criticised Legs On The Wall for wasting freshwater by using it to make the large ice chunk.

Another wrote its a wastage of taxpayers’ money

Vicki Van Hout, Isabel Estrella, and Jenni Large were the three performers who performed the aerial dance.

What are your thoughts about the aerial dance performance?

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