Watch: Sikh men use their turbans to rescue hikers at Canada waterfall

A video of the rescue has gone viral on social media where the five Sikh men are seen throwing a rope, made out of their turbans, towards the men who had fallen into the pool

An incredible lifesaving act was caught on camera where a group of Sikh men were seen rescuing two hikers stranded in a waterfall pool. The incident took place in Canada when a man named Kuljinder Kinda was hiking with his four friends in Golden Ears Provincial Park in British Columbia.

While hiking, they came across two individuals who accidentally slipped on a rock and fell into a pool below a waterfall. With no help in sight, Kinda and his friends immediately swung into action and used their turbans to pull the two men to safety.

Ever since the incident, the video of the rescue has been going viral on the social media and the Sikh men are being lauded for their incredible act. The footage of the incident was shared by Kinda through his WhatsApp that later made way to hiking groups on social media platforms like Facebook.

Watch the video here:

While speaking to NBC News, Kinda said that the hikers had pleaded them to call for emergency services, but they failed to do so as they had no cellphone network available there. Then, the five men looked around for help but were unsuccessful. Finally, they came up with the idea of removing their turbans to create a rope and rescue the hikers.

“We were exploring ways to get them out of the pool. We walked for about 10 minutes to find help but to no avail. Then we came up with an idea of creating a rope with our turbans to pull them out,” said Kinda.

Soon after being rescued, the two men who required medical attention thanked Kinda and his friends before they left.

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