Watch: Netizens take a walk down memory lane with video of baby elephant refusing to sleep

The video has garnered over 70,000 likes till date and many social media users have shown interest in supporting Kinyei the elephant by donating money towards her upkeep

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A recent video of a baby elephant refusing to go to sleep has taken netizens down the memory lane. The Sheldrick Wildlife Trust shared a video of their adorable baby elephant Kinyei, who was refusing to go to sleep, just like many of us who didn’t go to bed till scolded.

Talking about her antics, the Trust wrote that Kinyei had drunk her milk and was still refusing to go to bed. While all her friends were already in the land of sweet dreams, “this fun-loving girl saw her window of opportunity to protest bedtime — and she climbed right through it!”

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The video has received immense appreciation from social media, with over 70,000 likes till date. Many social media users compared the baby elephant to human toddlers, while others said they were interested in supporting the elephant by donating money towards her upkeep.

Talking about Kinyei, the Sheldrick Wildlife Trust said that the elephant came into their lives about three years ago, when a game driver spotted a newborn elephant wandering dangerously close to a pride of lions. Fortunately, the baby elephant was saved and was taken to the reserve.

The Sheldrick Wildlife Trust runs a rehabilitation program for orphaned baby elephants and rhinos in Kenya. It has gained immense popularity on the Internet for its videos featuring baby elephants.

In July this year, the Trust posted an adorable video of a group of orphaned baby elephants who were gathered around a wheelbarrow full of milk bottles. Writing that “the nursery orphans are always plotting a milk heist!” the Trust shared the viral video on its Twitter account.

The 17-second clip showed the group of baby elephants expertly maneuvering their trunks to access the milk bottles in the wheelbarrow. The video went viral with over 17,000 views till date and was much appreciated by social media users.

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