Watch: Man clicks selfie with cheetah after it jumps onto safari vehicle

Man clicks selfie with cheetah after it jumps onto safari vehicle. Twitter/@ben_ifs

In today’s modern world, people have inclined more towards social media and like to post trendy and attractive content to stand out among others. As a part of this, the practice of taking selfies in unique places and with different poses has also become quite common. While people try to take selfies with famous celebrities or at their favourite places, some also go to the extent of risking their lives for the sake of a selfie that would help gain them thousands of likes and comments on social media. In a similar instance from a safari ride in Africa, a man went on to risk his life by clicking a selfie with a cheetah and seems to have been enjoying the experience.

The now-viral video has been shared on Twitter by Indian Forest (IFS) officer Clement Ben, who captioned the post with, “African Selfie…Cheetah style.” Further, speaking more about it, the 45-second long video shows a cheetah approaching a tourist vehicle amid scorching heat as the tourists watched over it. Later, he pounced on the front of the vehicle and climbed to the sunroof as he could be seen panting due to the heat.

While the other tourists were seen getting tensed about being attacked by the animal, a man from the front seat came up with his mobile phone and tried to click a selfie with the cheetah. As the animal continued to growl softly, the man maintained his calm and got away with his picture.

Watch the video here:

Internet divided over ‘Cheetah selfie’

Ever since the video has been posted, it has gone viral on Twitter inviting divided reactions from social media users. While many lauded the courage of the man, some also criticised him for risking his along with the other tourists by carrying out the stunt.

Check some reactions:

This is not the first time such an instance has come to light. Earlier in 2013, a tourist who went on a safari at the Masai Mara National Park in Kenya with her friends also clicked a few selfies with two cheetahs who prowled the edges of their vehicles.

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