Watch hilarious video of pet dog driving away turkey gang trying to enter owner’s yard

In the viral video, the canine can be seen attempting to chase away turkeys that pass in the vicinity of his owner’s house

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It is always interesting to watch videos of different animal species interacting with each other. Be it a pet cat confronting a wild fox, or a dog trying to guard a flock of sheep in a field, animal videos never fail to amaze internet users.

Recently, a video of a pet dog protecting its house from turkeys and trying to drive them away from his house has gone viral over the internet.

In the comical video, which was originally shared on TikTok and later on Instagram, the dog can be seen attempting to chase away turkeys that pass in the vicinity of his owner’s house.

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The clip shows a cute little pet dog standing in a yard during the day, looking at huge four, black coloured turkeys walking on the road. As the doggy looks over, the four fat turkeys charge into his yard and try to intimidate the dog.

The little pet takes his guarding duties very seriously and tries to walk ahead of the birds. He then confronts the four by turning towards them. Even though the little mongrel is much smaller in size than the birds, he does not get terrified and runs behind them to chase these birds away.

The hilarious video ends with the four turkeys getting scared and running away from the yard of the house.

The clip was shared by nextdoor, a hyperlocal social networking service on their official Instagram handle. The video has garnered more than 4,500 likes on Instagram since it has been shared and has also prompted a number of humorous reactions.

A user wrote, “I LOVE how dog stopped and said buck stops here! Love that courage”, while another commented, “I’m glad he decided he wasn’t going to have no part of it and pushed back. Good for you pup”.

Most people lauded the spirit of the doggy who despite being smaller in size than the turkey gang, refused to be bullied by them and fought back with determination.

What do you think about this doggo’s fighter spirit?

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