VP of Goldman Sachs arrested

Senior executive of Goldman Sachs has been arrested for allegedly duping Rs 38 crore from the firm to overcome financial losses while playing an online game recently.

Deputy Commissioner of police of Whitefield, M.N. Anucheth has said that Ashwani Jhunjhunwala, vice president of the company was arrested and will be produced in court.

According to a complaint by the legal head of the company Abhishek Parsheera, a case under various IPC sections has been registered against the two.

As per the FIR, Jhunjhunwala used his three subordinates Gaurav Mishra, Abhishek Yadav and Sujith Appaiah to execute the crime. He had allegedly logged on to the office systems on the pretext of training them.

The FIR stated that while working on their computers, he sent them away on pretexts such as bringing water and logged on to their system. Further, he has transferred Rs. 38 crore to the Industrial and Commercial Bank of China illegally.

Vedant had allegedly partnered with him to transfer the money, police said. The matter came to limelight on 6th September during an internal audit.

Mishra, Yadav and Appaiah were questioned but they expressed their ignorance.

According to police sources, Mishra told company officials that Jhunjhunwala had asked him to create a Settlement Reconciliation Service (SRS) for payment recall recently.

It was then that Jhunjhunwala allegedly took control of his system to siphon off the money on 4th September.

The company has stated in its complaint that Jhunjhunwala had lost $70,000 while playing online poker.

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