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ICC World Cup 2019: India vs Bangladesh

India vs Bangladesh was the 40th ODI match in World Cup 2019 series. The match was played at Edgbaston, England.

India won the toss and decided to bat against Bangladesh first.

India’s men in the first innings scored whopping 314 runs losing 9 wickets by the end of 50 overs. A match with India is already a hard task for Bangladesh whereas the target set was even harder for them.

In the second innings, Bangladesh really took it as a brave fight and chase agianst a greater team. Bangladesh had really hard play against Bumrah and Hardik Pandya’s bowling spells. Hardik took 3 wickets and Bumrah took 4 wickets. Bumrah is shaping well as the ‘Master Bolwer’, though this is debut World Cup series for him.

Bangladesh lost all the wickets by the end of 48 overs and were able to score only 286 runs. India won Bangladesh by 28 runs.

Rohit Sharma was awarded ‘Man of the match’ for his 104 runs(92 balls).

India had consequtive wins and lost only one last match with England. And then, Indian team is again on the winning streak and is already into semi-finals. The consisteny maintained will definitely bring the cup back home.

Let’s bring it back India!

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