Viral video: Internet left stunned by market set on railway tracks in Thailand

We have often seen people going to markets in public places to buy vegetables, fruits, flowers, and other necessary items. While such markets are usually located in wide open spaces, there is a market in Thailand’s Samut Songkhram province which is situated on the railway track. The market which is usually crowded by people, especially tourists, is the Maeklong Railway Market. Also known as the ‘Hoop Rom Market’, it is one of the amazing tourist attractions in the province. Vendors who carve out a living along this 100-metre stretch of railway track can be seen selling almost everything from fresh produce to clothes, souvenirs, and even live turtles.

A video of the famous market has been shared on Twitter by Erik Solheim which gives a glimpse of the busy area as a train passes through. We can see several vendors sitting in sequence with their stalls laid out in a single line.

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The video has also grabbed the attention of several social media users, who came forth with divided reactions. A user wrote, “sharing similarities with our Almighty Oshodi, Lagos and Ikeja along. Every sales day a life risk”, while another user commented, “The travails of daily living. Hope they are rehabilitated soon to a better place.”

Some also pointed out the unhygienic nature of the things being sold at the market and posted comments like, “Not sure I would buy that produce/edibles so close to the tracks, seems uncaring selling & feeding to another. Makes sense some laws that are in place.”

About Mae Klong Railway Market

Attached to the Mae Klong-Ban Laem railway, the market is home to several vendors who put out their stalls under the protection of parasols or canvases. While visitors also walk along the tracks and do their shopping, the parasols are cleared up when the train arrives. The market might seem dangerous and exciting for tourists and outsiders, however, it is a normal occurrence for the locals and the vendors who are well aware of the train timings and necessary measures for running the market.

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