Viral video: Driver hurtles truck into sea after brakes fail

A driver hurtles truck into sea after brakes fail. Twitter/@SkyNews

What do you think you will do if the brakes of your car fail while you are driving the vehicle? This is the exactly similar dilemma a truck driver faced. Wondering what happened next? Well, he hurtled the truck into the sea.

Yes! In what looks like a scene just straight out of Rohit Shetty’s action movies, a truck along with the driver ended up in the sea, after its brakes failed and the driver lost control. The incident came to light after CCTV footage of the entire scenario was shared by Sky News on their official Twitter account.

The one-minute video opens by showing a deck, wherein a few vehicles are parked outside the houses and some motor boats can be seen next to the deck. Then out of nowhere a speeding truck rushes in and ends up in the sea. A man, who can be seen enjoying the view by standing on the side, appears to have heard the screeching sound of the vehicle and hurriedly moves aside. After the truck ended up in the sea, the man can be seen looking at it in shock. Then the video cuts to the footage from the previous CCTV camera and shows that it is exactly the location where the driver lost control.

While sharing the video, Sky News wrote in the caption, “The driver, who was unharmed, reported afterward that both brakes had failed, which left him with little option but to continue and hope he could make a soft stop.”

As of now the location of the incident is unknown, but the video features some text that read, “This is the moment a truck driver’s brakes failed and sent him and his vehicle careering across a junction and straight into the sea! The driver, who escaped unharmed, said that both sets of brakes failed, meaning the sea was his best option.”

So far the video has been played more than 42,000 times and has garnered hundreds of likes. Taking to the comments section, several users wondered if the driver was drunk. There were many who questioned how it was possible that all four brakes failed at the same time. What are your views about the video?

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