Vijay Mallya Tweets regarding VG Siddhartha’s missing and death

On Wednesday Vijay Mallya told that the missing of CCD founder-owner VG Siddhartha to be blamed the government agencies and banks while affirming that he is depressed with his letter.

He in his Twitter stated that he is indirectly linked to VG Siddhartha. He is devastated because of the letter Siddhartha wrote. The Government Agencies and Banks drive anyone to depression.

“See what they are doing to me despite an offer of full repayment. Vicious and unrelenting”, he wrote.

He also cited financial institutions of blocking his attempts to returning debate and stated that in Western Countries, Government and Banks support borrowers to return their shares. In his situation, they are obstructing each possible work for him to return his money whilst battling for his properties.

VG Siddhartha’s body the founder of Cafe Coffee Day was spotted on the banks of Netravati River, Hoige Bazaar in Mangaluru on Wednesday. He was missing since 29 July from Mangaluru.

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