US alarms countries dealing arms with Iran after the embargo ends

The United States has threatened any country carrying out an arms deal with Iran will face heavy sanctions. This is an indirect threat for Russia and China who are not only known to deal weapons with other nations but are in continuous contact with Iran for a possible market.

The Trump administration is even more concerned about the matters of arms and ammunition because the arms embargo on Iran will expire next month and despite making an appeal in the United Nations to extend the embargo, the US did not get the majority support. But the US has found another way of ensuring that Iran does not deal with arms by bringing in the 2015 Iran-US nuclear deal which allows the US to strike sanctions on the middle eastern countries.

Germany, Britain and France reserved their votes on the call of extension of the arms embargo while Russia and China voted against it. The US Special Representative for Iran and Venezuela Elliott Abrams said: “It was the position of the United States that the arms embargo should be extended, and had it been extended, we would not have had to snap back to restore the full panoply of UN sanctions. He further added that because the United States could not get countries to extend the embargo on Iran, it has decided to instead deal with manufacturers and traders who will supply weapons to Iran.

As far as Britain’s stance on it is considered, though not officially announced but Britain is showing signs of siding with the US as the concerns that the US has about Iran are shared by Britain as well. But during the call on the attempts of the US, it sided with Germany and France who together released a joint statement saying, “We cannot therefore support this action which is incompatible with our current efforts to support the JCPOA.”

But what confirmed Britain’s stance on the matter was UK’s secretary Dominic Raab who did not voice any criticism for the ‘snapback’ method implemented by the US in a meeting with Mike Pompeo. He said that there were ‘shades of difference’ on how the UK would approach the Iran matter and how the US is going with it.

Even so, The foreign minister said: “Our ambition for a broader rapprochement, a more comprehensive deal is, I think, in exactly the same place as the US.

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