UK: Glass tips over on its own in pub; social media users puzzled by eerie video

The people were left baffled after watching the video, which featured a few seconds of an English pub’s CCTV footage.

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In an incident which defies any explanation, a video showing a glass full of beer tip over on its own at a pub in England has gone viral on social media. The people were left baffled after watching the video, which featured a few seconds of the pub’s CCTV footage.

The frightening incident took place at the Blue House pub in Hendon, Sunderland. The Blue House pub is 167-year-old and people who reside near the pub believe it to be haunted, as per a report by The Mirror.

The owner of the pub has shared CCTV footage from the pub which shows that a glass of beer is seen sitting on the counter. A customer was chatting with the bartenders. After a few seconds the glass topples over on its own and the customer sitting near to the glass was seen retreating back as the glass fell on the ground. The clip clearly shows that the glass falls on its own.

Darla Anderson, the owner of the pub shared the CCTV footage on Facebook last week. She said that she was just looking at the pint when it knocked over. Claiming that there was no “reasonable explanation” for the incident as there were only three to four people in the pub at the time of the incident, with none of close enough to make the glass fall.

After watching short clip, many people said that they were convinced of the paranormal activity. However, many people blamed the bar counter by saying that it was no flat.

This is not the first video on the internet which defies explanation. Earlier this year, a clip of a parked motorbike moving on its own had surprised the people and had gone viral on social media platforms. The eerie video had made many individuals believe that the bike was haunted.

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