UAE urges India-Pakistan to take the peace road

The United Arab Emirates, a strong believer in “tolerance and acceptance,” urged the South Asian rivals -India and Pakistan- to resolve their issues in a peaceful manner. The Emirati ambassador to India, Dr.Ahmed Al-Banna during an outreach program at Indian Institute of Technology (IIT), in New Delhi on Monday highlighted the need for both the nations to maintain a peaceful atmosphere in the region.

In conversation with students and media people, Al-Banna said “The UAE has had a long-standing role in preventing and fighting acts of terrorism and radical organizations. We work very closely with all our partners from different countries in the region to make the region peaceful so that we can live together.” During the event, Al-Banna also referred to Abu Dhabi’s Crown Prince Mohamed bin Zayed al Nahyan’s role in de-escalating the conflict. He said, “On the day of the huge escalation, the Crown Prince of Abu Dhabi Mohammed bin Zayed had a phone conversation with(Indian) Prime Minister (Narendra) Modi and Pakistani Prime Minister Imran Khan. Our role was to give words of wisdom and tried to sort out the differences between the two sides in a peaceful manner through negotiation.”

The Tension between the two nuclear-powered nations escalated after the Pulwama suicide terror attack which took place on February 14 in Jammu & Kashmir, India. India held Pakistan responsible for the attack as the blast was connived by the Pakistani militant group Jaish-e-Mohammad, which killed over 40 Indian soldiers. India conducted a ‘pre-emptive’ air strike 12 days after the blast and justified its action to be triggered by Pakistan’s inaction against Jaish. The Indian Air Force claimed to drop 1000 kg bombs near Line of Control in Pakistani territory, which is believed to have burnt down the biggest terrorist camps of Jaish., Following India’s strike, Pakistan also carried out air raids and shot down two Indian jets, a day after Indian fighter jets violated the Line of Control.

The military activities between the two reached another level reflecting a war threat in the region. To ease the tensions between the neighbours, world powers (including US, UK, France, China, Iran) and members of the international community urged Pakistan and India to exercise ‘utmost restraint’ in their military actions from getting into the war. Today UAE is the third-largest trading partner of India, after China and the US, and India is UAE’s second-largest trading partner. The current trade value of the two stands at around $50 billion, transforming their relationship into a key strategic partnership over the years.

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