U.N. General Assembly meeting likely to be attended by PM Modi in New York

Prime Minister Narendra Modi is likely to attend U.N. General Assembly meeting in the United States which will be held in September and will discuss Indian-Americans in Houston while his tour, community leaders said Friday.

Chicago and Houston are the two American cities in discussion for the Prime Minister’s venue to discuss the diaspora while he is expected to visit the U.S. this year to be in the United Nations’ Annual General Assembly in New York.

According to knowledgeable community experts, the Prime Minister is expected to travel to New York from Houston to discuss a unique meeting of the UN on climate change on September 23.

Community leaders stated that the visits for the Prime Minister’s address are not conclusive yet, but they have been claimed to make arrangements for a possible address of Mr Modi in Houston on September 22.

This would be Mr Modi’s third important discussion addressing the Indian-American community following his Prime Ministership in 2014. The past two held at the Madison Square Garden in New York in 2014 and Silicon Valley in 2016.

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