Two jawans killed by fire spark from the guns in Madhya Pradesh

Two soldiers on Thursday were killed and others were injured in a fire accident at the Indian Army’s Bercha field firing range at Mhow near Indore. Ary officials said, “Two Army soldiers were killed in a fire at the Bercha firing range at Mhow near Indore. The fire was caused due to sparks from the guns during firing practice.” The sparks from the guns caused the fire during the practice of gunfire, where two jawans were immediately caught fire and the others who hurried to save them and also got burnt.

The soldiers are identified as Ranjeet Singh, (27) from Rajasthan, and Akshay Kumar (25) from Kangra, Himachal Pradesh. All the jawans were wearing ghillie suits which are designed to match the background environment. The Badgonda police station said that the jawans were brought to Mhow Civil Hospital for autopsies. The six injured soldiers have been flown to the Research & Referral (RR) Hospital in New Delhi.

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