Trump’s surprise announcement of taking hydroxychloroquine eclipsed the coronavirus vaccine’s safety trial report

Earlier in the day, there were reports about the coronavirus vaccine, which is currently in progress and is developed by Massachusetts-based biotech firm Moderna Inc. It has been successful in producing protective antibodies in some volunteers during a safety trial propelled in March.

However, soon, the vaccine advancement news was eclipsed by President Donald Trump’s unexpected declaration that he is taking hydroxychloroquine as a Covid-19 preventive medication.

On Monday, President Trump announced that he’s been taking hydroxychloroquine, a controversial medicine that hehas been supporting as a potential treatment for Covid-19 despite inadequate proof from the medical faculties.

Trump stated that he consulted the White House physician for taking the medication, however, it was not suggested for him since he’s not tested positive for the virus.

In a press conference, Trump revealed, he’s been taking the hydroxychloroquine for few days and he based his decision on positive reviews that he’s heard from frontline health care workers, who had been treating patients with it. He said to reporters, “All I can tell you is that so far, I seem to be OK.”

As per health experts, the drug is potentially hazardous, and there is no proof that it is a preventive med for coronavirus. The pill is generally taken as an anti-malaria medication and treatment of lupus.

The Food and Drug Administration (FDA) warns that the Anti-Malaria drug is not yet certified for treating Covid-19 cases and ought to be taken only after doctors’ consent. There is a high risk involved as Hydroxychloroquine may interact with various meds, for example, diabetes drugs, heart medications, herbs, and could be fatal.

In April, Trump initially backed hydroxychloroquine as a potential treatment for coronavirus as the medication was found helpful in many coronavirus cases. However, health experts warn that it is not for self-medication and is used strictly on trial bases for treating positive Covid-19 who happen to be in a life-threatening situation.

Article Credit: The Hill/The Reuters/ABC News

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