Trump flatters both the subcontinent neighbours

India and Pakistan have been in arguments ever since their birth in 1947. This hostility has allowed foreign players lots of room to push their own interests by playing the sub-continental twins off each other.

US President Donald Trump seems that he have convinced significant sections in both India and Pakistan that he is actually on their side. This has been on display since the weekend as President Trump met both the Indian and the Pakistan prime ministers on consecutive days.

On Sunday, PM Modi addressed a rally for Indian Americans in Houston, Texas, at which President Trump also made a speech. PM Modi even endorsed Trump for the upcoming US presidential elections. The response to this rally in India was ecstatic and made people believe that the United States was leaning towards India.

However, when President Trump met Pakistan Prime Minister Imran Khan the next day, there was ecstasy in Pakistan. One of Pakistan’s newspaper went on to declare that ‘PM Imran in US on ‘mission Kashmir’’.

The Pakistan media made had sure to highlight the US president’s offer to mediate the Kashmir dispute.

The Indian media had highlighted that President Trump has spoken against Islamic terror in the presence of Modi whereas the Pakistan media has emphasised Trump’s praise for Islamabad on countering terror in Khan’s presence.

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