Trump claims PM Modi ‘not in good mood’ over border dispute with China

Amid the ongoing border dispute between India and China, US President Donald Trump on Friday said that PM Narendra Modi is not in a “good mood” over the “big conflict” between the two neighbouring countries. As per a report by news agency PTI, the US President stated that he spoke to PM Modi about the issue, asserting that the Prime Minister is not in a good mood about what is happening with China. He went on to reiterate his offer to mediate the differences between the two countries during a press conference in the Oval Office of the White House on Thursday.

“They have a big conflict between India and China. Two countries with 1.4 billion people (each). Two countries with very powerful militaries. India is not happy and probably China is not happy,” Trump said.

However, as per media reports, Indian government sources have rejected US President’s claims that he had interacted with PM Modi about the situation on the Line of Actual Control with China. Government sources have told media that there has been no recent contact between the IndianPrime Minister and US President on the matter.

This development has come a day after Trump took to social media and offered to mediate in the escalating border standoff between India and China.

“We have informed both India and China that the United States is ready, willing, and able to mediate or arbitrate their now raging border dispute,” Trump tweeted.

Diplomatically rejecting Trump’s mediation offer, India on Wednesday said that the country is engaged in talks with China to resolve the dispute peacefully. Furthermore, as per a report published in China’s state-run Global Times news portal, Beijing has also asserted not taking help from the United States in resolving the frictions with India at the border. Speaking in the matter earlier, Chinese Foreign Ministry spokesman Zhao Lijian maintained that the two countries are capable of properly resolving the issues through dialogue and consultation. He added that there is no need for an “intervention” from a third party to resolve the military standoff between the two countries.

Tensions between India and China have escalated around the Line of Actual Control over the recent weeks, with both countries reportedly moving their troops around their borders. There have been two separate incidents of clashes between forces of the two countries earlier this month- May 5 in Ladakh and on May 9 in North Sikkim.

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