Trick Gone Wrong: Two including customer die after ‘flaming’ pizza causes fire at Madrid diner

Flamb? (Source: Instagram) / Inset: Firefighters gather outside a restaurant following a fire, in Madrid, Spain on Friday. Photo: Madrid Emergency Service / Handout via Reuters.

Madrid: In a Madrid restaurant, a server accidently set decorations on fire while flaming a pizza, causing a major incident that resulted in two fatalities and 12 injuries.

According to Jos? Luis Martnez-Almeida, mayor of the city, one of the victims was a patron and the other was an employee of a restaurant.

Five other people had major injuries, and he claimed that one patient was in a critical condition in the hospital.

The fire reportedly started when a waiter set a pizza on fire as part of serving process and the flames ignited plastic flowers decoration attached to the ceiling and columns of the restaurant in the west of the city, according to the mayor, who was speaking outside the institution.

At the time, there were about 30 customers and employees inside.

According to eyewitness accounts, the server doused the meal in alcohol before lighting it on fire. The waiter “held the blowtorch in one hand and the burning plate in the other.

A diner who only gave her name as Ruth told a local newspaper that a column with plants surrounding it caught fire as the man drove by and quickly burnt everything.

The mayor claimed that because of the close proximity of the firefighters’ station to the restaurant, they were able to respond swiftly. “It was quite fortunate,” he remarked. Less than 10 minutes after the alarm was set off, the fire was put out.

People reportedly rushed to the fire station to warn the fire crew, according to Carlos Marin, the fire chief for Madrid.

The flames and smoke would have caused more casualties if they had taken an additional four or five minutes, according to the mayor.

An investigation into the incident has been opened by the police.

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