The trailer of John Abraham’s upcoming action thriller Romeo Akbar Walter seems interesting

The actor succeeds in creating an impactful niche for himself through cop and spy stories based on real life, John Abraham opens up about RAW, fellow film colleagues, and his beliefs. The actor adds that a significant amount of research went behind RAW. “It’s a different film, a compelling story.

Robbie (Grewal, director) has done some mind-blowing, credible research and today, if you make films on such a sensitive topic, you have a sense of responsibility. You have to be very sure what you’re talking about.” The actor feels there is nothing wrong with the sudden surge of war films in Bollywood. “If Hollywood makes war films and if they glorify their soldiers, why can’t we? So it’s a great time for us as well as the audience,” adds John.

RAW, which charts the journey of a simple Indian man till he becomes the country’s spy for Pakistan, was an obvious difficult journey for John. The film apparently took a toll on him as well. “Very honestly, from when I started my career to where I’m today, I don’t want to believe that I have graduated. As an actor, I am learning every day from everybody. Yes, this film has taken a lot out of me, in a positive way and it shows in the film. The whole process that he goes through is beautifully depicted in the film. If I have to spearhead my show-reel, I would go with Romeo Akbar Walter,” adds the actor.

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