The pilot’s union to go on strike if the Jet Airways fails to clear their unpaid salaries

The pilots of Jet Airways said on Sunday that they will conduct strike if the management fails to clear their unpaid salaries within two weeks. Jet Airways management has delayed salaries to pilots, suppliers, and lessors for months. The airline has temporarily has taken a bulk stake in the company and given it a new loan of $218 million.

The National Aviators Guild, the union of Jet pilots, had prepared to go on strike due to the delaying of salaries on April 1. Airways on Saturday said it will pay December salaries to pilots and aircraft maintenance engineers but for now, cannot pay more recent overdue wages. The pilots` union has decided to give the management two more weeks duration time to clear salary dues “in conjunction with interim funding, and deferred the plans of a strike until then”, the National Aviators Guild said in a statement to its members

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