The Parliament session may extend for two more days

The Parliament current session may be prolonged by a couple of days if the business of the government is not inclined till August 7, when both Houses are slated to be postponed sine die.

On Tuesday in the BJP’s parliamentary assemblage, a senior minister designated the government’s intention to secure the way of the key bill filed in the session also if the House ought to be asked for “a few more days”.

The government also tried to make legislative approval for ordinances that were long-pending for the lack of a majority in the Rajya Sabha. This incorporates a bill to criminalise instantaneous triple talaq, which was passed by the Upper House on Tuesday.

The government began to collect estimates by abstentions and protests by some allies as well as some opposition parties.
The present gathering is extended by two weeks which was supposed to end on July 27 and the opponents have blamed the government of hastening in bills.

Till the Last weekend, the government had introduced about two dozen bills in the Parliament.

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