The law should apply equally to all be it Mr Vadra or Prime Minister Says, Rahul Gandhi

Congress President Rahul Gandhi on Wednesday with college students in Stella Maris College, Chennai said, “The law should apply equally to all don’t be selective, investigate everybody” during an interaction responding to their questions. The college students had asked Rahul Gandhi questions relating inquest of his brother-in-law Robert Vadra who was scammed in money laundering case.

Rahul also blamed PM Narendra Modi in several allegations over a deal to buy 36 Rafale fighter jets for the India Air Force (IAF) from France stating, “Investigate Mr Vadra but also investigate the Prime Minister.” “The government should question everyone and investigate everybody be it Mr Vadra or Prime Minister Narendra Modi. The law is for everybody, Modi has his name in government documents which says he is directly responsible for the purchasing of Rafale.” Rahul Gandhi during his interaction with students promised that if he wins the Lok Sabha election, Women Reservation Bill would be passed to ensure a large number of women in the Parliament and state legislatures and also to provide 33 per cent quota for women in government jobs.

The Congress president said, “The way Indian women have treated leaves a lot to be desired, if you go to Uttar Pradesh, go to Bihar and see how women are treated there, you will be shocked to know.” Rahul also claims about a smaller number of women in Parliament and the state legislature. “Women are smarter than men.”, he adds. He also spoke in brief on Jammu and Kashmir and accused PM Modi to be responsible for isolating people. “How many times have you seen the Prime Minister standing in the middle of 3000 women like this? How many times have you seen him standing here like this being open to any question from anybody?”, says Rahul Gandhi.

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