The Karnataka High Court says, no work should be undertaken till June 3 in elevated corridor project

The Karnataka High Court on Friday stayed the state government proposed the highway corridor project. It stated the work should not move till the next hearing date. The bench heading Chief Justice L Narayana Swamy and P S Dinesh Kumar directed the state government to not settle the tender for the elevated highway corridors, saying. “Whether the tender finalised or not, no work should undertake till June 3, 2019, the next date of hearing.

This order announced later the court heard the interlocutory petition registered by the Citizen Action Forum. While the hearing, the counsel of the petitioner proposed that, despite the Court’s orders. The State has called for building tenders under the elevated highway corridors project and those discussions are in process. D Nagaraj, Additional Government Advocate, in reply submitted that the tender announced earlier to the interim order.

The court on October 16, 2017, had issued an interim order advising the State not to grant its ultimate approval to the Amended Master Plan 2035 without taking the approval of the court. “All these projects were not approved by the Bangalore Metropolitan Planning Committee. The same will adversely affect the planned developed of the Bangalore Metropolitan Area. Prima facie it establishes that the state is acting in contravention of the 74th Amendment of the Constitution and the amended KMC Act,” they claimed.

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