The Indian Christian expat who gifted a mosque to Muslims in Ramadan 2018, is hosting an 800 people iftar this Ramadan

Almost two decades ago, SAJI CHERIAN, left his native Kaymakam, in Kerala India, to settle and start a new life in UAE. He embraced the country and its culture and so the country did. SAJI CHERIAN, 49 years old, has been through ups and downs in the past. But today his business is prospering, and when he came across other people struggle he didn’t hesitate to help. Last year he saw workers struggling and paying expensive taxis despite their low incomes, just to offer prayers in the nearest mosque they found.

Saji decided to build a mosque for them, and he did it on his own expense politely declining any form of help and donations. He wanted to make this house of worship alone, a mosque that can receive hundreds of worshippers. He named: MARYAM OUMMOUISSA “Mary mother of Jesus”. The Mosque is located in the East Ville Real Estate complex in Al Hayl Industrial Area. It cost him of Dh 1.3 million.

SAJI SHARIVAN has been fasting for the last 13 years and last year after the opening of his mosque on the 17th day of Ramadan. He could offer iftar meals for the last two weeks of the holy month. After he was dubbed an ambassador of peace and tolerance when he gifted the mosque to Muslim workers. This year he is hosting iftar for about 800 people including workers and other senior employees of various companies at an air-conditioned convention centre. He had built in the same complex and started on the first day of the fasting month.

The iftar meals are tasty and elaborated it includes dates, fresh fruits, snacks, juice, water and biryani. “I have made arrangements to offer different types of biryani. So that they don’t get bored eating the same dish every iftar”, he said. While interviewed about the amazing things he did and how he feels about it today. SAJI CARAVAN said his experience is an example for people to believe in the saying ‘the more you give with pure intent, the more you receive”. Many Muslims attend his iftar and SAJI himself share the iftar with them. They are all grateful and thankful to him and his efforts. Many of them said that: “the world needs people like him. If there are no people like him, the world will end. We are praying for him. Allah will bless him”.

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