The founder of the Sri Lankan massacre organization, Salman al-Nadawi in the Qaradawi Mufti has already attacked the provinces of Al-Hamdeen

Sri Lanka’s attacks were shocked by the brutality and fragility to the extent that he was exposed to the themes of the sarcastic organizations. The symbols of the terrorist ideas headed by the Mufti of Terrorism Joseph al-Qaradawi. The founder of the National Tawheed Group, responsible for these attacks, is Salman El Nadawi, a student of Al-Qaeda. That attacked Saudi Arabia and Hamad bin Tamim and al-Hamdeen. The group is an extremist organization, active in Sri Lanka. One of the opponents of the same organization led by the renowned Salman al-Nadawi, Abdul Rahman al-Nadawi Indian in India. Last Sunday, terrorist attacks targeted churches and hotels along with Easter in the capital Colombo and other cities. They killing about 359 people and injuring some 500 people.

El-Nadawi, the leader of the radical organization in India, was recognized as the spiritual father of the South Asian branches of the organization, promised to organize a terrorist organization and publicly encouraged the murder of foreigners and bloodshed.”If you are in a position to kill an American or a European, a French, an Australian, a Canadian or a Hindu who declares war in a preacher,” he said. The leader of the Radikal organization has held several meetings with al-Kadawi in Qatar. In an interview, Al-Nadawi attacked the Arab Quartet (Saudi Arabia – UAE – Bahrain – Egypt) for breaking upties with Qatar and drying out the funds he financed the Muslim Brotherhood. Joseph al-Qaradawi described him as the “imam of Muslims”.

Al-Kadavi, the leader of India’s national Tawhid group, and more than an interview in Qatar. The activist’s published photos of two boxes of terrorism in the Mufti al-Qaradawi’s office, breaking the Sri Lankan Tawhid group. Two days after the bloody incident, Sri Lanka officials said they had received warnings a few days before the incident. That a terrorist group was demonstrating movements planning a bloody attack with the support of an international terrorist network. The Tawhid group in Sri Lanka followed the steps taken by the Muslim Brotherhood’s terrorist organization for advocacy. The assistance to support and finance extremist thought and terrorist operations. It is known that the group maintains Muslim relations in Sri Lanka. Where it accounts for less than 10 per cent of Muslims. In 2016, the Sri Lankan government arrested the general secretary of the Tawhid group in Sri Lanka to provoke against the Buddhists but apologized for the incentive.

The group also held demonstrations and protests to challenge the girls’ marriage age in Sri Lanka. They demanded that the curtain imposed on Sri Lankan Muslims. In 2017, the group returned to extremism and the Sri Lankan government again spread hatred on several leaders of the group on charges of taunting Buddhist statues and hurting the feelings of Buddhist society 201. A few months before the terrorist attack, the group was accused of breaking down Buddhist temples. Then threatening the local people. In April, Sri Lankan Minister of Communications, Harin Fernando, issued a tweet sent by the Sri Lankan police chief. That was alerting a terrorist to attack a group of churches and the High Committee of India. YouTube promotes racial discrimination as religious.

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