Tecno launches Phantom V Fold – the most ‘affordable’ folding phone in India to date

Tecno launches Phantom V Fold – the most ‘affordable’ folding phone in India to date- Technology News, Firstpost

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Read on to know about the Tecno Phantom V Fold price in India, specifications, initial impressions and image gallery.

I will confess that Tecno is not a brand I have been tracking closely in recent times. And out of nowhere, they beat a lot of more popular brands to the market with a foldable phone in India. Yes, we did hear about them showcasing a foldable device at MWC 2023, but didn’t expect it to launch here so soon. But here it is, and we would like to share all the information we have about the device with you along with some product images and our hands-on inputs.

Image Credit: Tech2 Ameya Dalvi

Typically foldable phones have a noticeable crease on the inside where the screen folds. Techno claims that they have kept the gap to a miniscule 0.11 mm. We can confirm that it wasn’t visible to the naked eye in the demo units. Both the displays looked sharp and bright with lively colour reproduction. One thing we noticed is that the hinges on this phone don’t let you partially fold this device like its Samsung counterpart. It does stay that way for a few seconds before opening up fully.

Image Credit: Tech2

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