Take Padma Shri back, says Kangana Ranaut on Karan Johar

Indian movie actress Kangana Ranaut has asked the government to snatch Karan Johar’s Padma Shri, country’s fourth highest civilian honor, which he received this year.

Ranaut gave a statement through her team’s twitter handle where she said, “I request the government of India to take KJO’s Padma Shri back, he openly intimidated me and asked me to leave the industry on an international platform, conspired to sabotage Sushanth’s career, he supported Pakistan during Uri battle and now anti-national film against our Army.”

She further accused the producer of the latest release–Gunjan Saxena, of intimidating her on an international platform and conspiring against Sushant Singh Rajput and attempting to destroy his career.

This not a new attack that the starlet has made on the director cum producer This started long back on the show Koffee with Karan hosted by Karan Johar where she called out on him for being the ‘flag-bearer of nepotism’ and since then they have been making comments on each other regarding the matter surrounding nepotism.

She and her team have claimed that the movie is based on a false narrative. They have given all the alleged evidence to the microblogging website by Soumya. “She declared that she was the first woman to fly to Kargil and not Gunjan. She confirms that the arm-wrestling scenes are totally false. She claims that Gunjan Saxena has twisted facts,” the post read.

Via her team’s twitter handle, she kept on posting reviews on the movies, which according to her degraded the sentiments of the army. She tweeted saying that Gunjan Saxena is a petty film. “It missed the larger picture and essence of a soldier’s life, proving her opponents right who said we are here to protect Bharat Mata but you are here for equal opportunity, that pretty much sums up the film, in the end, Gunjan wins not India.” She ended with writing ‘sad’ at the end of her post.

There is a series of claims that Ranaut has been making after Sushant Singh Rajput’s death. She is either taking her thoughts to twitter or news channels. One of her recent attacks was on Aditiya Chopra, for whom she said that Johar and Chopra have together contributed to spoiling Rajput’s career. But then again, she is also receiving backlash for changing her statements form when Johar had received the award.

Earlier this year, when she was interviewed on Johar receiving Padma Shri she ‘heartily’ congratulated him and said that he ‘totally’ deserved it. “As a producer, the kind of films he backs, whether it is Kesari or Good Newz, are commendable, as is the position he has worked to achieve. Even though his father gave him a head start, he has risen to the top because of his own efforts and merits.”

After this many are calling the actress dual-faced. She is yet to say anything on the same.

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