Super Blues’ Super Fan!

Indian cricket team has got found a new super-extraordinary fan who set Twitter a buzz while she was seen cheering for the team during their ICC World Cup 2019 match against Bangladesh.

The lady, 87-year-old Charulatha Patel was noticed enthusiastically celebrating all the boundaries and the wickets in the stands. ICC later on shared a small video of her and also man of the match Rohit Sharma went to meet her, as did captain Virat Kohli after the match.

While asked whether India would win the World Cup, Ms Patel was fast to answer in favorable. She as well added in that she felt her own kids were playing.

In an quick interview with ICC she stated that , she came to support Indian team. She also asserted that, she feels shy as she already had given 3,4 interviews to a number of media channels.

Virat Kohli, the captain of the Blues applauded the team’s victory in his Twitter account sharing a picture with caption, “What a unit. We march on. Jai hind”

And he also mentioned and shared his thoughts about Ms.Patel. The Captain also got blessings from the Super-Grandma.

Full video of Ms.Patel’s quick interview with ICC,

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