Speaker KR Ramesh Kumar to decide on resignations of 13 MLAs of Congress-JDS leaders

The Congress MLAs of Karnataka who were in a Mumbai’s luxury hotel after their resignation from the H D Kumaraswamy government are now moved to an undisclosed place in the city even as the CLP conference started in Bengaluru to tide across the crisis-affected by the resignation.

The plan to move the MLAs to Pune now they in Mumbai.

To attempt to protect the government, HD Kumaraswamy and alliance leaders struggled to save the government with many meetings on Monday and declared that all 32 Ministers had left in an effort to create an opportunity for other disgruntled leaders. This plan seemed to have fumbled with some radical leaders reiterating their responsibility to leave the coalition.

The BJP has obliged the HD Kumaraswamy’s resignation, stating he has no confidence in the present government. The BJP leader BS Yeddyurappa alleged that the government has no majority in the Assembly.

Speaker KR Ramesh Kumar has to take the decision of 13 resignations nine Congress and three JD(S) MLAs on Saturday.

If acceptance of resignations the strength of the House drops from 224 to 211 and becomes 106. The combination government will have 104 members and the BJP, 105.

The meeting session starts on Friday.

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