SpaceX Launched Their Docks Crew Dragon Capsule

Over the weekends, SpaceX it was launched their Crew Dragon astronaut capsule into space atop a Falcon 9 rocket. Yesterday, the capsule successfully docked with the International Space Station, ranking a historic achievement for the private space company.

The capsule was unmanned for the airline flight. However, it wasn’t completely without threats. The Crew Dragon wasn’t using the robotic arm on the ISS to navigate the docking, also it did not have a backup method. So there has been a possibility it could fail, maybe even damaging the space station.

That’s why Roscosmos did not permit the plans until a few days ago. Their condition was having a couple of much more hatches closed and having the astronauts willing to board the Soyuz capsule in case there is an unexpected emergency evacuation. But, the whole thing went exactly as NASA and SpaceX already had planned, with the capsule docking beautifully.

Even if it is actually not the first time SpaceX has docked with the ISS, that they have earlier always relied on the robotic arm. “It was extremely fascinating to view it,” Bob Behnken, one of the two astronauts testing the capsule later this year. “I know you heard the applause and all the clapping that went along with the accomplishment today and so it’s just one more milestone that gets us ready for our flight coming up here.”

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