Six American Nuclear Power Plants; India and US agrees

India and the United States announced that they have accepted to create six American nuclear power plants in India.In addition to two-sided civil nuclear energy cooperation. The two countries declared the aforementioned statement in joint issued at the end of the 9th round of India-US Strategic Security Dialogue.

The conference on Wednesday was co-chaired by Foreign Secretary Vijay Gokhale and Andrea Thompson and the US undersecretary of state for arms control and international security. The joint statement made, “They committed to strengthening bilateral security and civil nuclear cooperation, including the establishment of six U.S. nuclear power plants in India.

India and the United States endorsed a historic contract to support in the civil nuclear energy division in October 2008. The contract gave an incentive to mutual ties. A significant perspective of the contract was the Nuclear Suppliers Group (NSG), that gave a special reservation to India permitting it to sign cooperation agreements with a dozen nations.

Post-waiver, India signed civil nuclear cooperation agreements with the United States, France, Russia, Canada, Argentina, Australia, Sri Lanka, the United Kingdom, Japan, Vietnam, Bangladesh, Kazakhstan and South Korea. The United States on Wednesday also reaffirmed its mighty support to India’s early association with the 48-member NSG. Prominently, China has blocked India’s pending membership to the elite grouping that endeavours to limit the proliferation of nuclear weapons.

The two sides swapped their views on a broad range of global security and non-proliferation provocations and reaffirmed their engagement to work mutually to inhibit the proliferation of weapons of mass destruction and their distribution systems and to refuse access to such weapons by terrorists and non-state actors. The two committees addressed trends in space threats; individual national area precludes; and chances for partnership bilaterally and in multilateral gatherings.

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