“White King” Real Madrid, the giant of the Spanish La Liga battle. Announced the cancellation of the contract with Santiago Solari, the manager of the team after making a disappointing performance, eliminated 16 final teams UEFA. Champions League

By the White King, who has a 3-year-old champion in the Champions League, must be eliminated after losing to Ajax at home 1-4. In addition, the White King also lost to Barcelona. 2 games, stacked in the round of the Copa del Rey semifinals And almost desperate to win the Spanish La Liga championship this season

Although Solari took the Real Madrid team back in the Spanish La Liga again on Sunday, over Real Valladolid 4-1, it was not enough to make him the next coach. By the whiteboard of the King of Thailand has urgently convened before releasing Solari from the position of consultant With the appointment of Zine Zidan, their former coach, to take over until 2022

For Xidan to build a reputation by being the first coach in history that Paranet White won the European Championship Cup for 3 consecutive years, which has never been done before.

In addition, many media outlets in Spain claim that the entry of Sedan may cause the Gathering of the Phaya Wan Wing to be out of the future. Because both of them were not correct and expected that Bel might be hit by the White King selling this summer with Manchester United interested.

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