SC urged all political parties to submit the details of funding received to the Election Commission in sealed covers

The Supreme Court has urged all political parties to submit full details of contributors and particulars of the electoral bond to the Election Commission of India in sealed covers by May 30, who have received donations. The Supreme court on Friday said, “All political parties to submit details of bonds received till May 15 by May 30 to the Election Commission in a sealed cover”. “Details of funding received through electoral bonds shall be kept in a sealed cover by the EC also till further orders,” the Supreme Court said.

The Supreme Court added that it will review in detail changes made in law and secure the balance does not turn in support of any party. The Supreme Court rejected the schedule for the sale of bonds as stated by the Union finance ministry. Supreme Court bid the finance ministry to decrease the window of buying electoral bonds from 10 days to five days in April-May. The Supreme Court on Thursday had said, “if the identification of the buyers of electoral bonds intended for open political funding is not known, then the efforts of the government to diminish black money in elections would be futile.”

The Centre supported the scheme stating the idea behind it is to eliminate the use of black money in elections and urged the court not to oppose with it at this stage and investigate the whether it has worked or not only after the elections. The bench comprising Chief Justice Ramjan Gogoi and Justices Deepak Gupta and Sanjiv Khanna stated, “So far as the electoral bond scheme is concerned, it is the matter of policy decision of the government and no government can be faulted for taking a policy decision.”

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