SC to hear the Karnataka’s rebel MLAs resignations on Tuesday

The Supreme Court has chosen to hear Karnataka rebel MLAs’ appeal on Tuesday as it rejected the Speaker from taking any judgment on both resignations of the lawmakers or disqualification till next.

The court also mentioned that the case before it grows bigger problem associated to several constitutional terms, including the kind of directions that can be declared by a constitutional court to constitutional authority, in this case, the Speaker.

Karnataka Speaker KR Ramesh Kumar, who had denied to decide on the resignations on Thursday, while the hearing said the Supreme Court on Friday that he was constitutionally obliged to resolve on the disqualification appeals before he takes a note on the resignation letters. He also claimed that the legislators had resigned to evade disqualification.

Abhishek Singhvi, Karnataka Speaker in the top court said, ‘Two of the 10 MLAs had resigned after disqualification proceedings commenced…. Eight sent resignations before disqualification proceedings but did not appear in person with a resignation letter.”

Singhvi further underlined that the law and constitution made it clear that the Speaker could not simply allow the resignations and had to determine if resignations were true.

He said, “MLAs handed over a fresh letter yesterday. The meeting was video-graphed, it shows the MLAs have admitted they never gave resignation personally to him, admitted never met him or sought an appointment to meet him.”

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