Saudi blames Iran for the attack on its oil plants

Saudi Arabia has stated that the attacks on its oil infrastructure had been sponsored by Iran but launched directly from or by the Islamic Republic.

Saudi defense ministry spokesman Turki al-Maliki has showed maps aimed at proving the strikes originated from the north and could not have been launched by Yemen’s Iranian-backed Houthi rebels.

Around 25 pilotless aircraft and cruise missiles were used to attack the two sites. He added that the weapons were of Iranian origin but Saudi Arabia was still working to pinpoint the exact launch point.

He also said that despite Iran’s effort to make it appear so, the attack didn’t originate from Yemen. Data analysis of the attack sites has indicated weapons of Iranian origin.

However, Iran has denied it was involved in the worst attack in Saudi Arabia’s history and President Hassan Rouhani has earlier said that his country did not want war.

President Donald Trump has said that he had decided to tighten U.S. sanctions on Iran after the attacks that have raised the risk that the key energy-exporting region can slide into a regional conflict.

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