Sanjita Chanu demands apology and compensation from WTF after clearance from doping charges

The International Weightlifting Federation has dismissed the doping charge against Indian weightlifter Sanjita Chanu due to non-conformities in the handling of her samples, however, the Commonwealth Games gold-medallist demanded compensation for the trauma she faced and an apology for the same.

Chanu broke her silence and told PTI news that at last finally and officially she is cleared of the doping charges, but, shouldn’t something be said about the years she has lost? Who will take the responsibility of the psychological trauma she faced?”

Who will hold accountability for the mistakes that occurred at each conceivable stage? You put an athlete under suspension for a considerable length of time without the final judgment, and one fine day you send an email saying that you are currently liberated from charges?” she angrily demanded.

Khumukcham Sanjita Chanu is an Indian weightlifter. She is two times Common Wealth Games Gold Medallist in 48 kg and 53 kg weight category, respectively.

She was born in Kakching Khunou, Kakching district, Manipur. On the steps of her weightlifting hero Kunjarani Devi, she took up the sports in 2006 in Manipur.

The 26-year-old, who asserted innocence since the start, was overlooked by the national awards committee for the nomination in the 2017 Arjuna Award as she was facing doping charges. In 2017, the weightlifter had filed a petition before the Delhi High Court against the national awards committee.

However, the High Court in its decision in Aug 2018 addressed the committee to consider her for the Arjuna Award and keep their vote in a secured envelope, to be uncovered only when she is found not guilty in doping charges.

The Arjuna Awards started in 1961 and is given by the Ministry of Youth Affairs and Sports, Government of India to appreciate excellent performance in sports.

According to ANI news, a source from the IWF expressed that they have written to the Sports Ministry to conform to the High Court’s order as the dropping of the doping allegations was announced. Chanu was informed of the final verdict via an e-mail, signed by IWF.

Chanu is hoping to be bestowed with the award which is in government’s hands and hoping her dream to be Arjuna Award recipient comes true soon.

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