Samsung Galaxy A54 5G review: A solid, mid-level all-rounder that stands up to its promise

Pros- Excellent Battery life- Premium-looking design – Solid build quality- Impressive camera setup- Vibrant Super AMOLED, 120Hz display- Samsung’s software update policy

Cons- 25W charging, with no charging brick in the box- Should have been priced a little lower.- Bloatware and banner ads that too at this price point.

Price: Rs 40,999 for the 8GB + 256GB variantRating: 4.25/5

Despite the n number of smartphone brands that operate in the mid-range segment in India, Samsung, for the most has consistently been one of the best-performing brands in the market, thanks to their Galaxy A series.

The latest offering, the Galaxy A54, hopes to take the legacy of their A series forward. But does it manage to do that? In short, yes, it does.

Image Credit: Tech2 Mehul Reuben Das

Following that is an ultrawide 12MP camera with an f2.2 lens, followed by a 5MP macro camera with an f2.4 lens. At the front, there is a 32MP selfie camera that performs admirably.

Daylight shots from the 50MP sensor are pretty amazing, and the camera captures a good amount of detail, creates well-exposed photos with good dynamic range and detailing, and dynamic range can be improved further by enabling HDR mode from the settings, which automatically turns on HDR when needed. The 12MP camera’s ultra-wide shots are also good, especially in daylight.

The images taken at night were also quite good. Yes, there were some indications of Samsung’s software at work, but it wasn’t overly aggressive or off-putting.

The attention to detail in the selfies is also quite impressive. The images are occasionally oversharpened, but this does not appear to be a problem. The skin tones are accurate. The front-facing camera has a habit of slightly overexposing the face as is the case with all Samsung smartphones. The portrait mode also works pretty well and does a pretty good job with edge detection.

Image Credit: Tech2

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