S. Nalin, involved in Rajiv Gandhi’s murder was set out of the jail for a 30-day parole

A 52-year old S. Nalin, a lifetime imprisoner in the case of Rajiv Gandhi, former Prime Minister murder, on Thursday was released on a month’s parole. With strong security, she got out at 10 a.m of the women’s prison in Thorapadi, Vellore and was taken into a police vehicle.

She moved to Rangapuram in Sathuvachari, Vellore and will be staying in a house relating to a representative of the DravidaIyakkaTamizharPeravai.

The Madras High Court passed the order to release, on July 5, following her argument of the case in person.

The order of the court announces that she may be let out of jail of a 30- day parole for her daughter’s marriage.

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