RBI to issue its new version of Rs 20 banknotes

The Reserve Bank of India (RBI) has declared that it will soon issue Rs 20 banknotes, with the signature of the central bank’s governor Shaktikanta Das. RBI in its statement said, “The Rs 20 note will be greenish-yellow in colour. The new banknote has a motif of Ellora Caves on the reverse, depicting the country’s cultural heritage.”

The Rs 20 banknotes issued by the RBI earlier will remain to be legal, it clarified. The statement by RBI added the dimension of the new Rs 20 note will be 63 mm x 129 mm. The front side of the note consists of a register with denominational numeral 100, an image with the numeral.

The note may also contain a picture of Mahatma Gandhi, letters ‘RBI’, ‘Bharat’, ‘India’ and ’20’, with a guarantee clause, Governor’s signature with Promise Clause, RBI emblem and an Ashoka Pillar emblem and electrotype (20) watermarks.

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